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The simple, local way to raise the
money you need. Now.

With a few button clicks, you can partner with a local business to raise the funds you need without the hassle and headache of organizing an event on your own. Whether you’re raising money for a cause, a person in need, or an organization, our smooth and simple process takes the stress out of creating and managing an event or campaign. We take care of the details so you can take care of what matters most.

The world's best fundraiser management platform for business.


We are a Fundraiser Management Platform that can help drive people to your business.

When people come in asking for you to sponsor their fundraiser, we'll take it from there. How it Works A campaign could go live the same day!

We Facilitate Community
Local Fundraisers.

A Business Partner in your community will provide a giveaway to each of your donors.


Free, simple setup.

Start fundraising in minutes -- our platform is geared to keeping the process simple and effective.

How it Works

The Most Effective Fundraising Platform.

We've created the best combination of easy to use tools to get your need funded.

Campaign Tips & Ideas

Business Partner Powered.

We're the platform where local businesses empower your fundraiser.

Business Partners

Get the help you need.

We'll help you through the process if you need it; we're available by phone, email, chat and screenshare.

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Raise the funds you need for your individual or non-profit need.

Run a marathon, give up your birthday for charity, do a tribute, volunteer on the weekend or start a charity registry. Use Raise It Fast to raise money for a charitable cause you really care about.

  • Raise 3x more
  • All donations go directly to your account less our small processing and handling fee.
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Raise It personal online fundraising websites are perfect
for individuals, groups & organizations!
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Fast, Easy Fundraising

The simple, local way to raise the money you need. Now.

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